Vintage: a trend in lighting design

Pendants, clustered lights, and mini-pendants, like the CB2 one-of-a-kind Utility graphite Ode to Edison, are a cool trend used in accent highlighting for a chic retro look in restoration, homes and commercial lighting.

Interior design turned to green design and sustainability in the 1990’s, with a taste for loft-converted spaces and a post-industrial concern revolving around toxicity, disposable levels, and the life-cycle of materials in the global economy.  An early, wry comment on the world of consumerism by Dutch designers Bakker and Renn, is illustrated by the Milkbottle hanging light, created in 1991.

Already in the early 20th century, an austere approach to lighting was embodied by the utilitarian arc lights designed by Peter Behrens and W. Wagenfeld. Functionalism and a pragmatic approach to lighting work spaces were behind the production of the metal workshops at Dessau Bauhaus, like the hanging light Model no. ME 78b created in 1926.

A minimalist vision where design tries to defy gravity, is exemplified by the Saturno hanging light, a creation by Kazuo Motozawa that reflects a scattered light through a spun metal construction.

1000 Lights, Taschen.
In Retrospect: pendants and hanging lights, 1926 and 1972.

The new vintage LED-filament bulbs are crafted for a nostalgic style that brings attention to the source of light. Their incandescent-like appearance is close to that of the industrious 1800’s Menlo Park shops, where the feasibility of different materials, for a longer lasting incandescent light, was first researched.

A trend to refit and refurbish existing buildings increased the interest in sustanaibility and in the historic past. Cooper, aluminum, brass-finished, and prismatic glass, are some materials for a vintage, electric look, that combines with different light sources. Practicality joins a sustainable outlook on lighting, vintage lightbulbs and lighting fixtures, for a design that blends classic functionality and minimalism into this modern trend.


2 thoughts on “Vintage: a trend in lighting design

    • gemmagsr

      El modelo de luminaria en suspension Utility graphite es ideal para conseguir un estilo retro y dar un ambiente chic a tu area de cocina, es facil reconocer el sello vintage. Me alegro de que te guste:)


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