Colored lights

Colored lights can be used within the home as a fun feature in a home theater, or child’s  room, to introduce an accent color, or perhaps to backlight a glass panel in a bathroom.

The most popular source is LED, which are made up of primary colors of light: red, green, and blue. An infinite palette of colors can be achieved by changing the balance of the three colors.


Creating effects with color allows to visualize the behavior of color, since there is a magic quality associated with mixing, according to Josef Albers, a pioneer in the understanding of color as a creative visual concept, who wrote the Interaction of Color.

“Our response to color is emotional, irrational, and highly personal” for Rob Forbes, best known as the founder of Design Within Reach and Public Bikes. His book See for yourself. A visual guide to everyday beauty, provides an stimulating approach to the simplicity of seeing patterns and color in urban and rural landscapes from diverse cities and places around the world.

The emotions that come associated to color are felt individually, but, additionally, reflecting on the use of color reveals some cultural preferences; for instance, rural France may indulge in multicolored sheds, just like color screams at you from every angle in Mexican cities like Oaxaca, or in Cartagena (Colombia), while bright colors in North America are reserved to attention signs, vehicles, such as for cabs and fire truck engines, and, even, power ties, as it is captured by Forbes’ polychromatic photographs.

For fun ideas, highlight art and accessories;  or, reflect a color uplight on a bare wall for impact and ambient lighting. Adding a chromatic design will display some of the magic of light.


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