Recent LED-technology advances: the new Durabulb and L-Bar light sources

For a number of years, the lighting industry has directed its efforts to innovate LED lighting sources and have made these widely accessible.  As a result, brighter options for sources of light and for varied temperature colors have become available, and, with the advantage of an extended life cycle, LED’s have turned to be a selected option for homeowners.

The Lighting Science Lab launched earlier this year two products that continue their sustainable and health centered approach to lighting:

  • A lightweight ideal for commercial application, the L-Bar, is a linear luminaire with 100º degree beam angle, and an output of up to 4,500 lumens, powerful enough to replace traditional fluorescents.
  • The Durabulb, an innovative LED that “resists breakage due to impact, vibration and external stresses”, it is made of recycled materials and it doesn’t require packaging, so less waste is involved in the process.

Both products are developed as part of the LS Earth project, a line manufactured around sustainability, health, and, an ecological approach to packaging and disposable materials.



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